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A listing of bacteria & yeast present in Kefir

Kefir has many different types of organisms of all sorts living together. Here is an excerpt from a Kefir mailing list:

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Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 12:24:41 +0930
From: “Dominic N. Anfiteatro” <removed>
Subject: Was:: does kefir grains evolve? [microflora, and size or weight of kefir grains]

Hi Nori,

I hope you have digested the info I shared in my last reply, without suffering any indigestion in the process ūüėČ Otherwise I suggest to sip the info with a slurp of kefir.
Here is a list of organisms isolated from kefir grains, which is similar to the list found on Dom’s Kefir in-site:

L. casei – Homo-fermentative [responsible for 90% of lactate synthesis]
L. paracasei – Homo-fermentative
L. acidophilis – Homo-fermentative
L. hilgardi -Hetero-fermentative [responsible for 50% of lactate synthesis]
L. delbruechkii subsp. bulgaricus – Homo-fermentative
L. kefiranofaciens – Produce Kefiran, internaly within the matrix
L. kefyri – Synthesizes kefiran superficially [possibly controlls microflora]
L. desidiosus – Heterofermentative [ferments L-arabinose and gluconate]
L. brevis [Synthesizes polysaccharide]
L. cellobiosus
L. casei subsp. rhamnosus
L. casei subsp. alactosus
L. helveticus subsp. lactis
L. delbruekii subsp. lactis
L. lactis
L. fructivorans
L. parakefir
L. paracasei subsp. paracasei
L. plantarum

Lc. lactis subsp. lactis [primarilly utilize lactose]
Lc. lactis subsp. biacetylactis
Lc. lactis subsp. creomoris

Leuc. citrovorum
Leuc. cremoris
Leuc. mesenteroides subsp. mesenteroides
Leuc. mesenteroides subsp. dextrancicum
Leuc. mesenteroides subsp cremoris
Leuc. lactis

Strep. salivarius subsp. thermophilus [primarilly utilize lactose]
Strep. lactis
Strep. lactis subsp. diacetylactis [Synthesizes diacetyl]

Acetobacter aceti [synthesize acetic acid from ethonol in the pressence of oxygen]
Acetobacter racens


Kluyv. lactis
Kluyv. marxianus subsp. marxianus
Kluyv. bulgaricus
Kluyv. fragilis

Candida kefir
Candida pseudotropicalis

Sach. kefir [controls exogenous yeasts]
Sach. unisporum
Sach. torulopsis subsp holmii

Torula kefir [controls exogenous yeasts]


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