Living with Dyslexia in Malaysia



In conjunction with the Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia’s 50th Anniversary

(1956-2006), there was a World Assessment Exposition held at Putra World Trade Centre from 11-13 May 2006. 

I was duly informed of this Exposition by our President Sariah and I emailed to all the parents in my mailing list to attend this Exposition.. Lembaga Peperiksaan  (Examinations Board)  demonstrated the SIBKOM programme at this Exposition.

My family went early to this Exposition to test out this SIBKOM.  The Lembaga officials were there to show us how it worked.  Sample questions were given for this testing.  One just clicks on the question and wearing the headphones, one can hear the question clearly.

If one needs the question to be repeated, one can click on the question again. 

The objective answers will be read out one by one. One has to click on the correct answer.

Once all the questions have been answered, it seems the answers will be directed to the Examinations’ Board Centre for tabulation as the programme will remit each candidate’s paper and tabulate the marks accordingly.  All Computerised.

Told my son Foo Shearn to try on the headphones and test out this programme.  He was happy that the questions will be read out to him.  For answers, he just has to click on the correct answers after hearing all the options over the headphones

No more having to shade the objective test papers which is cumbersome and tedious for the dyslexics. They  would shade wrongly – on the wrong questions as the objective answer sheets are so small and the rows are so close together- so there is a tendency for more mistakes by the dyslexics.

Having tested this SIBKOM, I asked the official when this can be implemented?  This is a BIG question mark.  He says it is up to the Ministry of Education

Our first batch of the pioneer dyslexics would be sitting for their UPSR next year 2007.   It would be great if this SIBKOM can be started in time next year for this first pioneer dyslexics under the Dyslexia Programme at SK TTDI (2). 

SK TTDI (2) has more than enough computers as they have new computers in their new computer Lab.  There are only 4 dyslexics in Std 5 this year so only 4 computers will be required for their UPSR examinations next year.  So hardware is not a problem.  The software  ie. the UPSR questions need to be programmed into this SIBKOM for these 4 students.  If there is a WILL, there is a WAY!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this SIBKOM will be ready for next year.

Report by Cho Suet Sen


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