Living with Dyslexia in Malaysia

Talk at Inti College -17 Sept 2005

“Living with Dyslexia” Talk at Inti College, Subang Jaya – 17 September 2005

This was an awareness talk conducted by Inti College whereby Sariah and myself were invited to be the Speakers.

Registration starts from 9.00 – 9.30 a.m. but when I arrived at 9a.m. on the dot,  I was surprised to see quite a crowd in the room already, 1/3 full already and many people were quequing to register.

When the talk started, the room was packed with many participants having to stand at the back. There were more than 100 people who attended that day.   Inti College did a great job in disseminating information about this talk to the surrounding Kindergartens,  schools , private colleges, NGOs etc….Some one came as far as Kedah for this talk.

The Director -Psychology and Learning Centre (PAL Centre), Dr. Lee gave a very nice introductory speech on why Inti College took pains to conduct this Awareness Programme.  As an Education Centre , it feels that they can play an important role in creating awareness and helping the dyslexics in our Country.   Hurray to Inti College for taking up this Challenge.

Sariah talked about “Living with Dyslexia”. She started off with the defintion of dyslexia, symptoms etc… Very comprehensive talk. As usual, her talks are so entertaining that the whole crowd was in stitches listening to her.  I for one, never tire of listening to her talks even though I have attended her talks numerous times.  How I wished she was  my teacher then, I would have scored more As then.

Next, I went up to give “My experiences with my child and me”.  I could see many parents nodding in agreement about what I went through with my son.

As usual, there were many questions asked during the ‘Q & A’ session. Due to time constraint, this session had to be closed.  Nonetheless,  participants gathered around Sariah and myself, after the talk – asking for advice on what to do with their children, where to send their kids, what help is available, etc….

All in all, this was a very fruitful talk and many parents, teachers and students left, more enlightened about dyslexia.

By Cho Suet Sen


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