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A Trip to GK Organic Farm


A Trip to GK Organic Farm,  Bangi  by Suet (CCS member)

On 24 March 2002, Cetdem members and their families (all in all 14 adults and 2 children) visited GK Organic  at  8.30 a.m. on a bright and sunny Sunday.

We were greeted by Mr. Gan , our gracious host who treated us to an organic breakfast. Sugar Cane drink with papaya and red banana – all from his farm of course.  The sugar cane was really sweet, as it was just freshly juiced. Everyone had second helpings of this delicious drink.

We adjourned to the composting area where Mr. Gan explained his composting process in English and Mandarin.  The discussion on composting was ‘sidetracked’ when we saw Mr. Gan’s maid preparing tempeh.  Mr. Gan graciously explained how tempeh is made and even gave out his recipe on making delicious tempeh.

Mr. Gan is so tuned in to nature that he walked barefooted around his farm – natural reflexology as tooted by him. We proceeded to view the ‘arrowhead’ plants, and Mr. Gan’s  3 cows can be seen in the background mulling the grass.  There is a section for mulberry bushes  which were planted for making jam.  Next to the mulberry section was another big compost heap.  There is a farm cottage for visitors or volunteers which is situated next to the secondary forest nearby.  The temperature can fall to 20C during the night – nice and cooling.

There were numerous papaya and banana trees all around. What is very noticeable is that all the papaya trees are so healthy- with tens of fruits on them.  If only one of my papaya trees were like Mr. Gan’s!!

I will have to add more compost and ash – as he mentioned that that’s what he puts for his papaya trees.

We were introduced to many types of herbs which are grown wildly all over his farm.   Of course there were many vegetable plots along the way. We saw cabbages, beans, sweet potato leaves, etc…..

We saw the packing house which is next to the worker’s quarters. This quarters’  can house up to 15 workers. Currently Mr. Gan has 9 workers.  Mr. Gan also explained to us how the ‘natural ripening’ process for his bananas are done.

Next came the ‘seedlings’ area. Behind the seedlings area  are numerous compost piles which have been left there for years.

We then moved downhill back to his farmhouse.  Mr. Gan mentioned that we only toured 30% of his 10 acres’ farm.  That 30% took us 2 hours to tour. 

Some of us left after the tour whereas the rest stayed on to enjoy an organic vegetarian lunch, prepared by Mr. Gan’s wife Kazumi.

Of all the farms that I have visited so far, GK Organic Farm truly portrays an organic farm in its real essence. It is really hard work and kudos to Mr. Gan for staying on the true organic path despite all the odds.


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  1. Hey,
    I am a student in the US and I’m looking to work/volunteer on an organic farm in Malaysia this summer. Do you have any suggestions or leads that you could offer?

    Comment by Brock | April 20, 2009 | Reply

  2. May I have GK Organic Farm’s address and Mr Gan’s contact number. Would love to visit.

    Thank you & regards

    Comment by Peggy Ho | April 29, 2009 | Reply

  3. Could you pls provide me with Mr Gan and other organic farmers contacts?TQ

    Comment by Organicman | June 8, 2009 | Reply

  4. support!!!
    i will try my best to help you all get some traffic to visit GK farm’s website also GK farm…

    As our earth now had been sick cause of the global warming..
    I believe you guys totally cant imagine how bad is it now our earth warm up and the temperature had been rise up speedy..

    Comment by chong yaw voon | October 7, 2009 | Reply

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