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Cetdem’s Annual Get Together


Annual Get-together Pot-luck Lunch

at Rimbun Dahan, the Garden of Eden on 28 October 2001.

By Cho SuetSen  – CCS member

The response from members was good as can be seen from the turnout recorded. 31 adults and 10 children. All of us lazed next to the pool, waiting for all the members to arrive.

Whilst awaiting , we all happily exchanged notes on the food displayed in front of us. Yum! Yum! Too bad we can only look  A wide array of food was prepared – spiced hill-rice garnished with almonds (by Ms Tan) was very delicious.  So was the organic curry towfoo by Mdm See. There was  rendang, fried mee, vegetable sushi, doughnuts, yam cake, agar-agar, sweet potato kueh, melon bread rolls,  pickled mango, red bean porridge,  citronella drink and such a dazzling array that I am unable to recall every dish now.

At 1.05 p.m., a  round of self -introduction began with Mrs. Hijas Kasturi followed by the Cetdem members and friends who introduced themselves and the food that they have prepared.

When the cue for ‘chow time’ was announced after the introduction, everyone ‘charged’ for the food.  There were of course, oohs! and aahs! all around  with everyone tasting the wide variety of food available.  Ideas and information were exchanged accordingly on the food prepared.

At 2.15p.m. Mrs. Angela Hijjas, the gracious hostess gave us a briefing on Rimbun Dahan at the poolside after which we followed her on a tour of her 14 acres’ garden.

The children were of course, very happy to stay back for a swim at the pool.

We were led to the Herb garden whereby Mrs. Hijjas showed and explained in detail the landscape design of her garden and all the different types of herb and spices grown in her garden. We were shown the nutmeg tree, belinjo tree, different types of ginger, the vanilla creeper, cloves tree, etc….etc……

We then proceeded to the Bulatan Plong for outdoor performances. Along the way to the “Rumah Uda Manap” a 100 year old traditional village house from Parit, Perak, we passed along fruit trees, durian tress, jackfruit trees, cempedak, bananas, papaya trees, etc….

The last stop was a tour of the underground  Art Gallery which had 90 metres  of wall space to hand works.

The tour adjourned back to the poolside for another round of  ‘chowtime’.

After which a short meeting was held for the Consumers Caring Scheme (CCS).

Everyone left this gathering truly enlightened and  stronger ties were fostered amongst the members via such gatherings. Kudos to Ms Tan for arranging such a memorable gathering. We all certainly will look forward to the next pot-luck gathering.


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