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Cetdem’s pot-luck gathering at Suet’s place



As usual in any pot-luck gathering, there would be lots of food  whereby everyone can taste different kinds of food and exchange of ideas will follow.  Getting to know one another better is the reason why such pot luck gatherings are held yearly.

Chai brought pumpkin which was just baked with some salt and herbs – tastes  deliciously healthy  Must try that out one day. She also brought salad with pine nuts and soy fish.

There was Sherene’s ‘tong sui’ prepared by her maid – sweet potato with bananas was a very refreshing change. Serene brought her 2 children as her younger son wanted to see my ‘short-legged’ chickens. Her husband was so sporting to come along and made this a family affair.

Ms. Tan prepared popiah which was delicious but ‘hot’ – must have eaten a chilli padi!

Jamie brought a big dumpling – very appropriate as it was the dumpling festival, made by her mother-in-law specially for the dumpling festival – wrapped in yam leaf instead of the bamboo leaves. She brought along some kuih-kuih too.

Belinda bought rojak which my maids thoroughly enjoyed. As for me, I  baked my first cheesecake this year. As usual, my husband commented that I only baked when there is a function – very true though!

My maid prepared the garlic bread made with my home- grown basil leaves. Cetdem members were very lucky as the figs (Mo Fa Kor) ripened at the correct time and I was able to serve the fresh figs marinated with some sugar and XO(only 1 tbsp so nobody got drunk).

There was the Citronella tea drink (serai wangi) from my garden – organic of course – for everyone to down the food with.

After everyone had their fill of food, I brought out the enzyme drinks which  I prepared -a hobby of mine fermentation. Enzymes are good for digestion as it is a bit sourish.  Everyone tried the Fig enzyme and also the ginger enzyme. I have tried other fruits before like apples and pineapples. I have also tried red rice fermentation (hong chao). The wine residue can be used to marinate chicken – very delicious and different.

My maid, Ika demonstrated how tempeh was made in her kampong.  Questions were asked and answered accordingly. Tempeh recipes were distributed to everyone.

Tempeh is very rich in Vit B12, contains many natural antioxidents (one called factor 2 is 600 times more potent that Vit E), natural antibiotics and some of the Vit B group are elevated in comparison to unfermented soybeans. Tempeh also contains enzymes and free amino acids. (Ref:

Everyone left ‘full and contented’ with freshly made tempeh and my home made kombucha tea drink.



June 23, 2007 - Posted by | Organic Gardening

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  1. hello, suet … how are you ?? could you please tell me more abt this enzyme drinks ? how and what are the things that you ferment in your enzyme ?

    now a days a lot of people are drinking enyzme. what benefit does this drink provides?

    thank you.

    Comment by angie | July 30, 2007 | Reply

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