Living with Dyslexia in Malaysia

Dr. Pierre Joly

  Moderator:  I received this in French from Dr. Pierre Joly  Translation is by machine so it is a little rough.  He is providing a summary of kombucha knowledge he has at this point.Bob

Other uses at least known of K <Other uses and effects of KT-bob>E Groups French-speaking of Kombucha  Date: Wednesday February 7 2001

Other uses little known of Kombucha After the Second World war, the Soviet Union applied itself in the search widened on K in of veterinary use. A named preparation Bactericidin made starting from symbiosis K was tested on dogs, sheep, calves and other mammals. The clinical tests with the lambs and  calves suffering from dysentery and colibacillosis made it possible to obtain a remission with 100%. To mix K with the food of chickens made it possible to increase the growth of chicks of 15%.Harald W Tietze mentions that it undertook a search on ewes and calves, reached diarrhoea and obtained 100% of success. There is more, the animals in good health saw their growth increasing by 15% by adding K to their feed. Several people give K to their dogs and cats in order to improve their health. According to certain experts, including Betsy Pryor, the tea K makes it possible to eliminate the bad breath from the dogs as well as a strong body odor .And since you are in search and the discoveries, I can say to you that I also learned that a K culture buried at the foot of dying trees they regained life. K is also used in compress, in ointment, made starting from  the culture K or the tea of K. For the psoriasis amongst other things combined with silica gel with external as to the intern it appears that that gives famous results. Cuts, burns cure more quickly when one applies K  above.

There are some of its properties which recut <resemble?> those of the aloe freezing. We used ourself K in our hair, on our skin… are conscious that this product can add more worth to the beauty products.

We also developed an excellent champagne


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