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Cetdem’s centre – 13 March 2007

The morning on Tuesday 13 March 2007 started out bright at 7.30am with my 2 kids and Ika, my maid getting ready to go to Cetdem’s centre.

Had to dig out my drumstick plant, cut a few hibiscus cuttings and bring along the 3 bags of my homemade compost.  Of course, not forgetting all the ‘makan’ stuff after the garden ‘workout’.

Lost my way for 30 minutes. Was busy trying to decipher the map as to where I was, when I heard a ‘honk’ from behind.  What luck – it was Ms Tan and so we just followed her to the Centre.

Once there, we unloaded our things.  Chuy Fong also arrived whilst we were entering the house gate. CFong brought a friend, Rose another ardent gardener.  Rose gave us some ‘maiden hair’ fern to grow.

We toured Ms Tan’s garden and admired the Jackfruit tree(with many jackfruits), the starfruit tree(full of pink flowers)  and the papaya trees (full of papayas).

There were also many vegetable beds -full of corn plants already.  There were beds, newly planted just a couple of days ago -with vegetables like Sawi and kangkong.


CFong, my 2 kids, Ika and I helped out in weeding the corn beds.  Ika planted the Drumstick tree, aloevera and carnations in one of the beds.


We then rested and had a ‘picnic’.  My maid fried some ‘nien-koh’  with sweet potatoes.  Brought along some home made cookies – rock buns and almond biscuits.

Not forgetting my home grown sugar cane, of course.  CFong brought along some steamed sweet corn. My kids were looking forward to their Shandy drinks which is a rare treat for them.

During makan-time, passed around photos of my organic garden harvests – like star fruits, papayas, bananas etc… plus photos of my Ika’s kampong in Surabaya.

There she plants vanilla, coffee plants, salak, vegetables etc….Of course, they have their farm animals like goats and chickens.

After resting, CFong and I planted the maiden hair fern around the base of the Pinang tree.  I planted the hibiscus outside- along the road kerb.  Another pot of hibiscus plant was planted – the one with 2 tiered petals.

We called it a day at 11.30 am and said our goodbyes.


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