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Farm visit – Chenderiang 1 -2 Dec 2007

Observation Trip to Green Wish  Organic Farm, Chenderiang,  1 -2 Dec 2007

– by Cho Suet Sen

This is the first farm visit that I went to without my family as I did  not want to subject them to “another farm visit”.  Like the saying goes “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”.

It is such a pity that they had to miss out on this trip as this trip is the most interesting trip so far as the trip was not only just a farm visit.

The itinerary was full of activities – caving, picnic lunch at Kinjang waterfall, visit to Orang Asli Kampung, dinner (cooked by Orang Asli). Breakfast/visit to Morning market at Chenderiang, Hike up Hebron Hill to another Pandan Farm and lastly a visit to the Bamboo Farm.

The very first  activity was the most challenging for me ie .Caving at Gua Kandu.IMG_0636


All 32 of us entered the cave and explored the cave which took 2 solid hours.  I have been to the Niah Caves in Sarawak a few years back but there was no rope climbing up and down the caves as steps were built inside the cave for tourists. Nothing challenging there except that one has to have the stamina to endure  around  4 hours of walking to the cave, inside the cave and back to the van.

Here we had to bend, crawl and squeeze through tight crevices in the cave.  Then climb up the steep sides via ropes and chains.


No doubt we were all hot, tired and sweaty, I believe we all enjoyed ourselves even though there were bruises and minor cuts here and there. Then came the back aches and tired muscles during the night as some of us are not that young and fit anymore.

The serenity of the kampong life is so inviting that most of us wish we can ‘retire’ in this place just like Kenny’s neighbour whom we visited. Their traditional wooden house (fully made from chengai wood) is a dream house for many of us. The clear stream running round the house and surrounded by nature…….Hmm……..IMG_0664

The sharing amongst all the members after dinner was enlightening as new members were informed of what is happening in the organic movement and how we as consumers can help the farmers.

Am glad that we have such an enthusiastic organic farmer, Kenny  who is so willing to take his weekend off to bring us around and entertain us. We also enjoyed his hospitality as we stayed in his newly built farm house.  The night was chilly at 20 degrees and we were so lucky to be able to see so many stars that night as it was a very very clear night. One can never experience such a thing in the city.

On Sunday morning, we all went for breakfast at Chenderiang town and bought up all the ‘pisang jarum’ in town.  This Pisang is thin hence the name ‘Jarum’ and as this is only found here we of course bought them to bring home to show the urbanites in KL.


The last item on the itinerary was the Bamboo Farm – also a different feature from the standard organic vegetable farms with their greens and fruit trees.  Only problem was the mosquitoes – so many of them.  It was an experience seeing and touching the bamboo trees from China – the thickness of the bamboo is more than an inch thick therefore they make formidable fortresses.


We all departed for KL with a heavy heart as the 2 days was over so soon.

Nevertheless, like Ms Tan says there is always another trip. Coming up soon – hmm… this time an organic Farm with a Spa in Muar. Count me in, Ms Tan.


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  1. Wonderful. Am going tomorrow. Hope to have a wonderful time as you. First time for me to leave my family and go on my own together with my sister’s family. Thank you for your story. Will try to pick up more organic tips especially seeing your successful fruit of your labour. Well, cheerios.

    Comment by Sophia Choong | October 16, 2009 | Reply

  2. Hi,

    Planning of bringing my family to Chenderiang. which route should i take to jalan pasar chenderiang if i am coming from Bidor?


    Comment by Patrick | November 3, 2009 | Reply

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