Living with Dyslexia in Malaysia

Workshop at SEGi College – 1 Sept 2007

Journey into the World of Dyslexia Children – 1 September 2007 ( 9am -1pm)

Workhop organised by SEGi College Subang Jaya

A half day workshop was held whereby there were 29 participants. Two thirds of the participants are students enrolled in SEGi’s Early Childhood courses. SEGi runs 6 Montessori schools throughout the nation. The students will do their practicum in these schools.

Response was not very good due to the fact that it was the Merdeka Weekend. Nevertheless, there were 2 parents who came all the way from Ipoh just for the talk. There were also 3 Kebangsaan teachers who came from Seremban.

The Head of the Education Department, Mdm Rosaline Ng gave the Opening Speech.

My first talk was on “What is Dyslexia?” Many questions were asked during my talk.

Only 15 minutes tea break instead of the planned 30 minutes was given due to time constraint.

After the tea break, I continued with my second talk which was about “My child and Me”. Numerous questions were also raised in the midst of this talk.

After my 2nd talk, the participants were divided into 4 groups to discuss ways to spread awareness and how to reach out to help more dyslexics.

Due to time constraint, only 2 groups presented their views. The other 2 groups had more or less the same points hence it was not necessary for them to present. Points raised were on identifying dyslexics, who can identify them? What is the government doing about this? Any help given to reduce the burden of the parents? Exam marking should be more lenient, etc….etc…

I was then requested to wrap up the workshop and also to answer the 7 questions written on the board during the tea-break by the participants.

The participants were given our Dyslexia postcards and leaflets and a couple of students were keen to work with the dyslexics.

SEGi College presented me with a bouquet of roses for giving the talk. They presented a big Art work done by the children of the participants to the Dyslexia Association. These children were in another hall doing this creation whilst the Dyslexia workshop was being conducted. This Artwork will be delivered to our Ampang Head Office.

Report by Cho Suet Sen.  H/P 012-2673332


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