Living with Dyslexia in Malaysia

Asian Brain Based Learning Conference 19 – 20 May 2006

(Conference on Learning Difficulties)  by Cho Suet SenTwo of our Committee members,  Coralie Leong and Dr Khoo Teik Beng were invited speakers for this Conference.  Coralie spoke on Dyslexia – the Hidden Disability:identification and Educational Issues. Dr Khoo spoke on “Screening for disabilities among pre-school children.

This conference was attended by more than 200 participants including yours truly- who was given a complimentary pass (Courtesy of Coralie). Otherwise the conference would have cost me RM240.

This Conference was organized by Wizkids Resources Sdn Bhd and Scientific Learning Corporation, USA.  Whizkids has its KidzGrow Centre for children with Learning Disabilities whereas Scientific Learning launched their Fast forWord Product in 1997 to help learning Disabled children.

The conference started off with the Organisers expounding their product. The keynote address was given by Dr Steven Miller from Scientific Learning entitled: Re-mapping the Brain: The Stanford University Study on children with Dyslexia.

This was followed by other Speakers who spoke on the following topics on the 1st day:-:

Sensory -Motor Develeopment  & Learning in Children- Cheryl Chia

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)- Dr. Gaia Scerif

Atypical functioning of the ‘Social brian” in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders- Dr Atsushi Senju

Genes, brains and development: New frontiers in the study of developmental disorders- Dr Mayada Eisabbagh

The 2nd day continued with Dr Miller’s keynote address entitled: Using neuroscience and Advanced Technologies to Accelerate Academic Success.

This was followed by other speakers on the following topics:-

Children learn by Doing – Ruth Liew

Intelligence is not enough for learning – Dr Atsushi Senju

The importance of learning skills – Cheryl Chia

Brain Based feeding – Usha Viswanathan

Living with ADHD – Dr Nicole Pitchford

The 2 day’s conference was an eye opener and information gathering as the latest brain development and research worldwide was presented by the respective experts.  Some topics were too ‘technical’ for a layperson like me to understand.  Luckily we have Dr Khoo around to explain all these technicalities.

On the whole, I found this conference very interesting and being a parent with a son who is dyslexic, I am always on the look-out for new technologies/therapies that can help my son.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained is my motto.  So I will be investigating this product to see whether it can help my son.


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