Living with Dyslexia in Malaysia

Introduction of Effalex in liquid form by Biolife -24 Oct 2007

Biolife organized a small get-together for the media people (about 30 people) – from Parenting and health magazines held at EcoGreen Café from 3 -5pm on Wednesday 24 October 2007.Due to requests from parents for the liquid form (as the smaller children are not able to swallow the existing Effalex capsules), Biolife finally brought in this liquid form.

Biolife’s representative gave a brief talk about Effalex at 3.30pm.

After the talk, there were a couple of questions asked about Effalex – the price of the liquid form as compared to the capsules.

The sharing session started with me telling of my son’s experience on Effalex. I attended the Effalex Launch by Dr Jacqueline Stordy in 2002 at Armada Hotel. I even bought her book titled “The remarkable nutritional treatment for ADHD, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia”.

Having read her book and receiving testimonials from 2 friends whose children improved with Effalex, I decided to buy Effalex for my son. Of course, I asked my family GP about this Effalex and he told me that fish oils had no bad reviews and have been in the market for many years. Therefore, it is safe to take the recommended dosage of 4 capsules in the morning and 4 in the evenings for the first 3 months as per the instructions on the bottle.

After 2 months I noticed that my son did not rubbed his eyes anymore when he starts to do his schoolwork. He did not strain his eyes or feel tired as before. If he starts to rub his eyes often, it would have been that we forgot to take the Effalex for a few days.

Mdm Patricia Thava, who owned a kindergarten before but recently sold it off, continued with the sharing session by telling the audience that she noticed improvements in her students who took Effalex. She noted that by shaking hands with the kids, she instinctively knows who needs Effalex.

She recommends Effalex to many of her stuents.

After the sharing session, Mr Yap demonstrated the Jumping Jacks clay. This playdough is non-sticky, non toxic and is sweet smelling. We were all given some clay samples to play with.

Ms Yam, the Director of Biolife explained that they felt that playdough is very important in improving the children’s sensory skills hence they have teamed up with this ‘Jumping Jacks’ whereby their Effalex products come with the free playdough.

Ms Yam thanked Mdm Thava and myself for sharing our experience with everyone here and presented us with their sample Biolife products.

The session ended with a small hi-tea session of organic mee-hoon, curry -puffs and puddings.

Ms Hooi Bee, from Biolife said that they are offering up to 40% discount of their Effalex products if one purchases 6 bottles. One need not purchase all 6 at one go. For further information, you can call Ms Hooi Bee at 012-6368384.

Report by Cho Suet Sen

Note: Ms Hooi Bee emailed me on 30 June 2008 to say that last year’s offer as above has ended. Present offer valid till 18 July 2008 is RM 60 per bottle for Effalex liquid (150ml) and RM140 for capsules (300 caps).

For inqueries after 18 July, kindly contact Biolife’s office directly as Ms Hooi Bee will be leaving Biolife.


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