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UPSR examination

UPSR Examinations- trials and tribulations by  Cho Suet Sen

A big sigh that the exams is over but hopefully next year the Ministry (Pend Khas) and the Exams Board will improve on what happened this year.

First day of the UPSR, I was very happy to meet up with Tuan Syed who was at the Pioneer Pilot School (SK TTDI 2) to check that things will go on smoothly. He confirmed that there will be One Reader for 2 students.  As for the marking of the Papers it will still be done by the normal teachers and not Special Ed teachers. This issue is still under discussion with the Exams Board.

After the 1st day exams (BM and Maths Papers), I asked my son whether the reader read to him.  He said, feeling embarrassed for the Reader. “Teacher said her English not good, so asked us to read ourselves”. So he answered “Ok –lah!”  What else do you expect our kids to say.

I immediately sms’d to Tuan Syed(Pend Khas) and Basiran (Exams Board) what happened.

2nd day – Maths paper only so I asked my son whether the Reader read to him and he said yes. So I left it at that.

3rd day – Science and English papers. Asked my son whether the Reader read for him and he said yes but she read in Bahasa. I said how to read the English Paper in Bahasa? He said “No, English paper he read himself, but teacher read the Science in Bahasa.”  Then I asked about the Maths paper and it was also read in Bahasa.

Looks like it would have been better if there was no Reader at all as the kids have to endure listening to the Reader reading in Bahasa (more stressed up) when they have been taught Science and Maths in English the past 6 years. So this would have confused the kids more. Furthermore, there will be lesser time for them to do their papers.

Informed Tuan Syed and Basiran that the Readers read in Bahasa.

Thankfully, my request for larger print was approved whereby the Test Papers were in A3 size. My son was so shocked to see such a ‘big’ Paper. Never seen them in his life before. He said yes it was easier to read.

The Dyslexia Programme was launched in June 2004, more than 4 years ago. Yet there are still issues that are not settled.

Hopefully, the Pend Khas and Exams Board will have ‘ironed-out’ all the teething problems by the time the first batch sits for their Form 3 exams in 2 years’ time ie. In 2010.


February 4, 2009 - Posted by | Dyslexia

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  1. Hi Suet, just going thru your interesting website and wonder wheather you can lend a helping hand and some ideas. I have a daughter at year 5 now who is studing at a national school. She is a slow learner and very forgetful. I have also sent her for classes at the Persatuan Dyslexia for about a year but no result as she isn’t dyslexia. She is also being assess by one of the special education teacher and is not label as dyslexia, ADHD but a slow learner. I am trying to look for a personal tutor who is aware on how to teach slow learner at USJ, Subang Jaya. Anyone can help on this, I can be contacted at my mobile nos. 012-3831790 maybe can let you know more about my daughter.

    Comment by angie ng | March 11, 2009 | Reply

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