Living with Dyslexia in Malaysia

Pot of herbs and flowers


Being an amateur florist and not having the tools of the trade like sponge and containers,etc to decoarate with. I used a pot, have many small pots filled with herbs to give away to friends who are interested in gardening.

As per the photo above, this pot with  mixed earth and compost  has the  chilli padi  plant (3 green chillies  with 2 red chillies in front lower right), a sawtooth coriander  plant on the left and above in the middle mint leaves.  3 in 1 (3 plants in one pot).

For my mother-in-law’s 86th birthday, decorated this pot with some pink bougainvillea flowers,  yellow and pink  heliconias.  On the left are the orangy honeysuckle flowers.  And wallah! we have a simple pot transformed as a birthday present. Hmm…..coriander and mint smells yummy.  As for the chilli padi…… tongue will be on ‘fire’


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