Living with Dyslexia in Malaysia

Session with Dato’ Lat – 1 Nov 2009



Thanks to my friend Wai Leng and her hubby KV Soon, we were invited to meet the famous Dato Lat. Dato Lat is such an unpretentious person.  So  friendly and approachable.  We were all so intrigued with his stories about his kampong life and his explanations on his drawings. The Q & A session was enlightening.

Dato Lat made it a point to meet up and talk to all the kids in the hall and gave pointers on their drawings.

My son, FS was very happy to meet up with this famous artist.  (We have many Lat books at home).  Dato Lat signed  2 of his drawings.  A drawing with Lat’s  signature as below.


Dato Lat gave lots of encouragement to the kids to draw as much as possible and he also  gave tips on how to draw.


This session has ‘opened’ FS’s eyes that one has to practice and practice a lot to be able to draw as fast and as creative as Dato Lat. This can be seen when Dato Lat went around each table and demonstrated his drawing skills with so much ease.


All the kids drew something in a  sketch book as a momento for Dato Lat.  FS did a sketching of Lat’s cartoon as above – with Sarong the local touch. (Not bad considering the fact that FS had his  index finger slammed in his dad’s car door just 2 hours before. Finger already swollen and blue black, so he had to hold the pencil with his 3rd finger)  On the right he wrote “Public toilet. Best in Malaysia”.   On the left, he wrote “‘First you take a bath and then only you take a photo” ????  There’s a camera in front of Lat’s picture. Camera with a stand if you take a closer look.


FS did his first sketch of a person  whilst we were in Laos with friends. He took 10 minutes to complete his sketch. Not bad for a beginner,  having witnessed Dato Lat doing caricatures of the kids.

Exposure is so crucial for our kids.  If not for the session with Dato Lat, FS would not have considered doing live sketches even though we have asked him to do so  a long time ago.

No guesses as to the national of his first human sketch  as above.  Such well done eyes and  eyebrows,  not forgetting the moustache and sharp nose.


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  1. I like the book ” town boy” very much…… l read it over n over again.. it ‘s really touch me so much…

    can i know, where is frankie now? the coffee shop at ipoh still operate?. any website can link me to view lat’s friend like frankie, normah, lingam, etc……

    thanks & regards,

    Comment by kenny | March 10, 2010 | Reply

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