Living with Dyslexia in Malaysia

Fruits of my labour


Freak storm broke the Banana trunk. Pisang Tandang -we had  5 combs of bananas weighing 8.6 kg


Mata kucing.  One bunch has 100 odd fruits. Very sweet and succulent. We had 16 odd bunches.  Unfortunately we only managed to harvest 6 bunches and the squirrels ate the rest.


Crunchy guavas.  At its peak there were more than 20 big fruits of average 300gm each. A  couple of guaveas  were 500gms. Nowadays  this tree has very few fruits  – not enough attention from the house owner Ha! ha!….


Freak storm and my papaya tree laden with fruits fell.  The unripe papayas makes a delicious dish, grated and stir fried. Also suitable for soups.


When this tree had its first fruits, it was so sweet but nowadays, the weather or too much watering by the maid?? somehow the fruits are not so sweet. This fruit tree is in a pot – 2 ft diameter. at its peak had over 30 odd fruits to eat. so thirst quenching, eating it as it is – no need to add black sauce with sugar.  Eat it neat.


Kendongdong fruits.  The ones that I have are very crisp and crunchy like apples. Not sourish.  The young shoots eaten raw reflects the kendongdong taste. Can really give you a ‘wake-up’ call.


Pei Par fruits. The Chinese community would know the famous  ‘Pei Par Kau’ cough medicine. The flowers and buds are like the jambu air flowers.


Purple custard apple.  Not many fruits from this tree.  So far only 3 fruits. Tree is in a metal box (recycled cheque  deposit machine, compliments from hubby)


Pineapple was sweet but small -palm size only due to the fact that it was in a small  8 inch pot.  Have planted the crown into a bigger pot but to date not fruits yet.


Red jambu air plant also in a pot near the green jambu air plant.  Somehow there are not that many red jambu air fruits compared to the green ones.

Other fruit trees in my corner terrace house are:  mango, rambutan, Brazilian longan, sour sop, lemon, pomegranate, coconut, figs, cherries, sugar cane, starfruit, ciku, pomelo,  jack fruit, dragon fruit and abiu.  Mostly planted in pots or metal boxes (in my back lane) due to  space constraints. Also easier maintenance if in pots.


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Pot of herbs and flowers


Being an amateur florist and not having the tools of the trade like sponge and containers,etc to decoarate with. I used a pot, have many small pots filled with herbs to give away to friends who are interested in gardening.

As per the photo above, this pot with  mixed earth and compost  has the  chilli padi  plant (3 green chillies  with 2 red chillies in front lower right), a sawtooth coriander  plant on the left and above in the middle mint leaves.  3 in 1 (3 plants in one pot).

For my mother-in-law’s 86th birthday, decorated this pot with some pink bougainvillea flowers,  yellow and pink  heliconias.  On the left are the orangy honeysuckle flowers.  And wallah! we have a simple pot transformed as a birthday present. Hmm…..coriander and mint smells yummy.  As for the chilli padi…… tongue will be on ‘fire’

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bouquet of organic flowers


For my sister-in-law’s birthday today,  I did up a bouquet of heliconias, anthuriums and mokara orchid for her.  All these flowers are long lasting, does not wilt easily and can last at least 2 weeks in the vase.

Hmmm…… whose birthday is up next? It is all  Pot luck.  I can try another arrangement depending on what’s available from my garden at that particular time.

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herb and flower basket


Baked a vegetarian chocolate cake for a friend’s birthday.  Decided to be creative and decorated  with herbs and flowers from my organic garden. Note the serai wangi (citronella leaves) at the back, the beautiful red double layer petals of the hibiscus in front.  Left and right are the ordinary single petal red hibiscus.  Threw in some bunga telang (blue pea flowers).  Informed my girl friend that only the serai, hibiscus and  blue pea flowers can be used to make herbal tea drinks. The rest of the flowers are just for decoration purposes  only.

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Mien Kum – thai appetizer


Planted a few daun kaduk outside my house and now it grows wild all over.  Many neighbours are seen harvesting the daun kaduk.  Besides the daun kaduk, the mango ginger, lime and chillies are from my organic garden.  Once you start eating this, one will find it hard to stop.  no need to stop as it is a very healthy appetizer.

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