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Bio dynamic farming (Qi farming)- 20 June 2009

My organic ‘kakis’ were invited by Mr Wong to visit his farm in Bukit Tinggi one Saturday for a ‘compost qi’ course. This course is to start at 9 am till 1pm. Being avid kitchen gardeners the session dragged on till 3pm when we adjourned for lunch. There was so much to discuss and exchange amongst us- the die hard organic people.


We learnt a lot from Mr Wong – making our own lactobacillus, composting, wormiculture etc….   To top it all, he taught us a few qi-gong exercises so that we can cultivate our qi and pass this qi to our plants and environment.

We felt invigorated in his farm,  feeling all the good positive vibes (qi) that has never been felt in any other farms that we have visited.  This farm is truly beyond organic farming.

We left with red wrigglers (earthworms)  to start our own wormiculture. We also brought back papayas and loads of information to convert our small kitchen gardening into a bio dynamic garden.

I am now practising my qi exercises.  Also started my wormiculture with 2 boxes of worms – one the red wriigglers and another box of worms from my own garden. I have already sprayed the whole garden with my qi lactobacillus made from Mr Wong’s recipe. Look forward to more fruits from my >30 fruit trees in the garden now that i am giving them the extra ingredient “qi”


July 4, 2009 - Posted by | Organic Gardening


  1. Hi Suet,
    Just a note that the Teh Qi will make a difference in terms of health, productivity, etc. The Teh Qi has all the microbes necessary for plant health eg actinomycetes for nitrogen fixing, mycorrhizals to break down nutrients for easy absorption, phototrophs to assist in the process of photosynthesis and in absorping energy from the environment, and of cos plenty of ‘qi’. Try to do the Teh Qi well.


    HS Wong

    Comment by HS Wong | July 13, 2009 | Reply

    • ok. will try your teh qi. Did this compost tea before – long time ago when I first started in 1998. Read about this compost tea in the Australian organic website. started with 2 troughs of veggies then but was so ambitious – did one big pail of compost tea (no aeration). Then realised that there is no way i could use all this tea – needing to dilute it 20x – which means i have more tea that can last me for years. That’s when I decided that the whole garden should go organic and sprayed the whole garden. Seeing that the garden did well, i overdid it and sprayed every week as I have so much of this tea. Some plants ‘died’. so had to revert to the instructions which stated spray once in 2 weeks. After that, forgot about this compost tea as was busy trying out ‘new’ things.

      Comment by Suet | July 13, 2009 | Reply

  2. Hi Suet – I’m intrigued by your sustainable lifestyle and also have read up on Mr Wong. I would like to know how I can contact him personally to learn Qi farming? I live in a townhouse in PJ and am not sure if there’s enough space except for a balcony to plant anything. But what I’m more interested in is information for my parents. They live in Nilai and have a house with a sizable land. Soil is not very good quality but my dad has tried to plant vegetables and fruits. He is on the verge of giving up because of the amount of weevils, insects that eat his crops. How do you reduce this? I would like to know how I can get good advice on producing veggies, fruits to sustain 4 families through my dad’s land. Thank you.

    Comment by Sweeyen | September 13, 2009 | Reply

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