Living with Dyslexia in Malaysia

bouquet of organic flowers


For my sister-in-law’s birthday today,  I did up a bouquet of heliconias, anthuriums and mokara orchid for her.  All these flowers are long lasting, does not wilt easily and can last at least 2 weeks in the vase.

Hmmm…… whose birthday is up next? It is all  Pot luck.  I can try another arrangement depending on what’s available from my garden at that particular time.


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line dancing – Bandar Sunway


Dance Party at Holiday Villa,  31 May 2009.  Bdr Sunway group posing with Kenny Teh, a well known  Dance Choreographer.

Come and join the line dancing group at PJS 7 in Bandar Sunway. At the basketball court, behind the Chinese temple.

Dance Lessons are daily (Mon – Fri) 7 – 8 am. Fees: RM5-00 monthly  – for the electricity.

I am so grateful to  Cheryl who is such a fantastic dancer and so patient in teaching us.   Kudos to her and also our Assistant teacher Pat,  both are so dedicated and ever willing to teach.  Both of them can dance so well and remember so many, many…many dance steps, unlike yours truly who is struggling at times.

Read that line dancing helps to exercise the brain – having to remember all those dance steps. That’s the reason why I joined – to help my deteriorating memory.  Dancing is  fun, once one gets a hang of it. The initial few months can be trying.  It’s really  a good physical workout.  So give it a try

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