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Singing at Brickfields temple- 28June 2009

KKBC’s choir has been invited again by the Brickfields temple to perform during their 9am puja session.


20 minutes was allocated for them whereby they sang songs composed by Wai Leng and other famous Buddhist songs like “Brahma of my Heart”.

We all went early to the Temple so that the kids could practice first.

Having just learnt about qi and the fact that the Bodhi tree is full of qi, i went around the 2 Bodhi trees at the temple. the atmosphere was so cooling and calm.

One of the trees was fruiting and picking up the fruits from the floor, realised that the bodhi tree is actually from the fig family. Only the size of the fruits are so small like our local cherries.

Below is the photo of the small fig fruits as compared to the bigger figs from my place


Figs, called ‘moh fah khor’ in Cantonese literally  means “‘no flower fruit” as this tree does not bear flowers, like other fruit trees.


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Kota Kemuning Buddhist Centre (KKBC)

Since January this year, my family has been attending the Sunday Puja at KKBC due to the fact that my daughter likes to sing and KKBC is a smaller knitted centre.

She is part of the KKBC’s choir, which is led by my friend Wai Leng, a music teacher. Wai Leng and the KKBC group released a CD last December titled “True Friends” which has very Soothing Songs, with songs composed by Wai Leng.

My daughter is lucky to be guided by Wai Leng and is enjoying every moment of ‘stardom’ singing with Wai Leng and her 2 girls weekly during the Sunday Pujas. Besides the weekly Sunday singing, KKBC’s choir has been invited to attend functions at Kajang, Malacca and the latest invite is to sing for 30 minutes at the forthcoming Wesak International Film Festival this Saturday June 21, 2008 at 2pm

On Wesak day, 19th May, the 3 girls (they call themelves “Just Girls”) sang as usual and Wai Leng produced a play whereby all the children in the Sunday Dhamma class were given a chance to act. My son was given the role of Buddha and he enjoyed acting the part of Buddha whereby the audience enoyed his ‘ added antics’ which were not part of the Play.

No doubt this centre is not big like the other temples but nevertheless this centre is unique in that the members are closely knitted. Parents and children have their weekly Pujas together in the same Shrine Hall and are not separated in separate halls hence fostering closer ties.

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